The Social Issue

Urban children have an unfair advantage: they travel overseas during summer, visit museums over weekends, and learn languages from native speakers

There are over 100 million primary school students.  1/3 living in remote villages

Due to remoteness, rural students rarely have chance to go beyond their village.  They can hardly see the outside world or even a foreigner in their childhood.

As a result, they have little knowledge about the outside world and lack of confidence, and their curiosity fade

Our unique approach

  • iPad is a computer in hand.  We enable children to freely search their answers and be a self-driven learner
  • Electronic whiteboard, when connected to Internet, brings teachers and content to the rural classroom

Our footprint

  • As of today, our 70+ digital classrooms spread across 8 provinces
  • We have empowered 300+ teachers and benefited 10,000+ rural children

How you can help?

If you are a company and you are phasing out your iPads , we can revive them into learning tools for rural students. Contact us for iPad donations.

If you are an individual who would like to support us financially, please support us through the following campaigns below. No amount is too small to make a change. Act today!


  1. We deliver regular online STEAM classes to rural students via virtual classrooms. These include but not limited to Coding, Oral English, and "See-the-world" classes. Teachers from cities can deliver classes virtual classes to rural schools.

    By Editor

  2. We transform classrooms in rural schools via WIFI connectivity. Second hand iPads are being used as a learning device to supplement the shortage of skilled teachers. A web camera and microphone will be installed to digital whiteboard for online teaching.

    By Editor